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Take Action

We use multiple interventions to advocate for violence prevention.

Resource Centre

In the Resource Centre, a wide range of resources aimed at contributing towards lifelong learning can be found:

Annual Reports

Journal articles

Research reports

Legislative framework and policies

Violence Prevention Brochures

Public Participatory Interventions

  • Convening public participatory meetings with communities with the view of submitting written submissions and presenting oral submissions.
  • Submitting shadow reports on levels of violence in particular sectors
  • Developing and joining campaigns that will contribute to violence prevention

Partnering for Change

  • Collaborating with other stakeholders on common issues to collective advocate for violence prevention
  • Join violence prevention campaigns appropriate to our vision and mission
  • Convene and join round tables, seminars and conferences on violence prevention


  • Using social media such as Facebook and the website to advocate for violence prevention and peace-building
  • Using community radio and television to advocate for violence prevention and peacebuilding
  • Using vlogging to raise violence prevention awareness