Violence is and it starts with you

Violence prevention advocates human agency where each one makes a commitment (starting with themselves) to end violence in the home, in the community and broader society.

Violence Prevention Agency NPC is a Not-for-Profit company committed to disrupting violence by providing violence prevention services.


Violence prevention requires collaboration with stakeholders in order to deal with the impact of violence on society. We partner with like-minded civil society organisations whose programmes seek to contribute towards violence prevention. Partnerships enable the VPA to reach a wider pool of beneficiaries.


We empower survivors of violence to use violence prevention skills and knowledge to build their resilience against violence through strengthening their coping mechanisms.


We provide capacity building to professionals, laypersons, community workers and leaders in the health, education, justice as well as the safety and security sectors to increase their knowledge and skills to disrupt violence. We provide e-learning facilities for capacity building for partners and ourselves.


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